1. Every Day

From the recording Go Down to the Low Down

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with Marques Morel on percussion, vocals, guitar, and harmonica


I had a bad day.
It happened again.
I looked around,
couldn’t see a friend.
My heart was broke,
and my skin was cold.
I fell asleep,
I was feelin’ old.

But every day,
every day,
I wake to the sun through my window,
Wake with new breath in my lungs,
Pray that the song in my bloodstream
Gives me the strength to go on.

I saw the birds,
they were full of song.
I saw the trees,
they were standin’ strong.
I took delight
in the riverbank.
So much to love
so much to thank.

I saw the moon
light up the sky.
I saw the stars,
like loving eyes.
I took a breath.
I let it go.
I felt a pain
and I let it show.