From the recording Go Down to the Low Down

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with Marques Morel on pecussion and vocals, and Steve Catron on electric bass


I don’t know your name, but I’ve seen your sign,
man behind the curtain, writing all the lies.
You fill the history books and the TV screens
with false prophecy for profit, and artificial dreams.

But I’ll know when I see your tower fall to the ground,
to the sound of a wrecking ball,
to the tune of a tide that won’t be lost in the sea of a people
who’s lives you cost.

You’ve sold your eyes for money and are living blind.
You’ve gone deaf to the music of your own kind.
You’re tired, but never hungry, and your spirit is dry.
You’re partly a machine, part genetic modified.

Your children will be trained for the corporate stream.
You’ve cooped them up inside with their companion machines.
And your legacy is planned, a statue and plaque,
but somehow you’ve forgotten you ain’t never comin’ back!