From the recording Go Down to the Low Down

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Give me two black birds with painted wings,
my fighting kings, to my heart bring soul food and things
that I need to sing…

And when we’re all alone and our truths are told
May our skin come off, may our guts be known.

Give me three small bears to body guard,
it isn’t hard when the danger comes around for them to start and startle
what gnaws on my heart…

Give me four tall trees to build my fort,
its so important and I can’t afford to feel this cold anymore,
winds breakin’ down my door…

Give me five raccoons to think it through,
clearly in the blue of what’s happening to you and thereby to me too and I hope they’re comin’ soon
because there’s nothin’ I can do…

Give me five raccoons!
Give me four tall trees!
Give me three small bears!
Give me two black birds!

Or just one girl to live and be,
that girl is me! I said, that girl is me and how I’d love to see you happily
with blackbirds on a nearby tree….